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time to break up?

Breaking Up

U have decided to break up with your partner, Be safe and prepare using these tips.

Be clear about your reasons for breaking up

Never tell someone you want to break up as a way of manipulating them or getting them to do something you want to do.

Be sure you have time to talk about your reasons for the break-up and for both of you to let out your feelings about it.

Choose a private space but public place to end the relationship. Even if you are not concerned about violence, try not to be too isolated. Be sure other people can hear you in case things get out of control.

Don’t do it through a friend, on the phone, or through a letter (unless you are concerned about violence).  Keep your relationship issues off of facebook and twitter. Changing your status from "in a relaionship" to "single" is not a respectful way to end things. Face it! Don't Facebook it!

If you are worried that things may get violent, talk to a trusted adult or call the crisis line to get help in planning for your safety.

Check out this video for more discussion about Heatlhy Break-ups!

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