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Is this love?

Is this love or abuse?

Does your partner criticize or put u down?

Think they have the right to know where u r all the time?

Text or call u constantly?

Do they monitor your Facebook or MySpace page?

Make u feel guilty, and pressure u to do things u don’t want to?

Get jealous when u hangout with family or friends?

Invade your privacy by checking your texts or calls?

Humiliate u in front of friends or family?

Hurt you physically or make you feel afraid?

If any of these things are happening in your relationship, you may be experiencing abuse.
It is not your fault!

Take a Relationship Quiz by loveisrespect.org here.

U R not alone! Talk to a friend or trusted adult. Not sure who to turn to? We can help. Call us 24-hours a day to talk to a trained advocate.  
 (907) 272-0100.
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